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Choosing Love You're Worthy Of

Erica Haines will be presenting our February Workshop this year and we can't wait to spend time with her again this year! Are you in a pattern in your relationship, where you're strategizing, psychoanalyzing, totally frustrated, hooked & holding on?It's like you meet someone and in the beginning - you are So excited… you can tell something's there.You're both excited about each other & you start spending more & more time together. You might see some issues, but the energy between you is so alive that you're tempted to overlook those.And then suddenly things just aren't what you thought. They start acting different, maybe not texting back, not prioritizing you as much.You start to think more & more about things you never worried about - like where they are when they're not with you, & how they feel about you.In moments you feel elated, in others you feel frustrated & you're thinking about it all the time. Hopeful things will change, you see glimmers of possibility, but things aren't really changing.It takes so little for you to stay hopeful, you're stringing those moments together.You plan things to say, talk to him, convince him (& possibly yourself) of Something… but Nothing ever feels resolved & your concerns are piling up.Nothing's shifting. Things may even be getting worse, but you find yourself more & more entangled!You're frustrated, Tempted to play games….. But have you questioned what are you even trying to win?It hurts a lot when someone won't let you Love them, or when you see them struggle to avoid expressing their own emotions. Nothing is worse than getting more & more wrapped up in a relationship that just isn't what you want. It's hard when you're In It. Easy to stay hooked for too long, repeating the same pattern again & again, even with new partners. Many people report "knowing" or seeing signs, ignoring red flags, at the beginning, yet stay years beyond those early indications…Consciously moving through these common relationship dynamics, Learning to explore love while honoring yourself, considering your highest long-term self, frees you from frustration & confusion in the moment. Come into a new way of Being, Relating & Attracting, the Love you really want, in this powerful relationship Workshop.We'll use energy clearing to dissolve resistance & limits to your Vision.Together, we'll take radical inventory of your most coveted relationship.We'll discuss "just sex" relationships to determine if that's a good choice for youCome develop Insight and Awareness, in an Investigation, of your Power, your Patterns and your Motives.Disentangle the complexities that keep you stuck, spinning, & wasting precious time.Then we'll use guided meditation and visualization to Align you with the relationship you Truly deserve. Please register to save your space and save fee waivers for those who truly need them!