Monthly Empowerment Workshops
In May 2015, we began hosting monthly empowerment workshops presented by some of the most amazing women in our community. Our workshops feature  diverse topics and projects that are influencing our community and women today. The purpose of our workshops is to present meaningful content to support women's projects, events, goals, and to create a safe and productive space for women’s empowerment. All suggested donations from workshops will be used to support ongoing workshop expenses. RWF's goal is to collectively address the social, financial, and environmental issues impacting women in our community, while further developing our networks, and increasing our collective skills and access to resources.

If you would like to present a workshop, please fill out our Speaker Proposal Form:

Upcoming Workshops:

October 12, 2017 6-9pm

November 13, 2017 
Women and Nosh with Coco from PastaLuego.