A Rural Laboratory for Women's Empowerment

Redwood Women's Foundation focuses on increasing the emotional and financial stability of women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Redwood Women's Foundation is a rural laboratory for women's empowerment. Our mission is to address the unmet needs of women living in rural Humboldt County, California and surrounding areas. Our vision is to cultivate a safe, productive, sustainable space for women, rooted in positive words, consistency, and actions. In May 2015, we began hosting monthly empowerment workshops presented by some of the most amazing women in our community. Our workshops serve as a platform for learning, networking, and locating resources. Working collectively with diverse groups of women creates solidarity among the group, enhances our individual and collective capacities, and allows us to work together to help eliminate the socioeconomic barriers among women in our community. We've hosted over 30 empowerment workshops since 2015, provided over 90 days of transitional space in 2018, and offer resources and referrals that address the unmet needs of women.

RWF programs are available online and benefit low-and moderate-income populations in Humboldt County by providing a networking and resource space for women. RWF encourages women from all socioeconomic backgrounds to join us for networking in a safe, no-limits space designed for and by women! How do we empower one another? Redwood Women's Foundation Empowerment Workshops—are a collection of diverse, engaging, motivational presentations that set the stage for women's empowerment. Participating in workshops, community events and fundraising is essential to our mission, value, and goals. At Redwood Women's Foundation, women lead our own adventures! We use a Girl Scout approach to fundraising and provide an all-women environment. We create hands-on activities and focus on topics that interest women in our community the most.

In addition to our workshops, we provide advocacy and referrals for free/affordable resources that are tailored to the needs of our clients. We use an interactive approach to researching options/opportunities, completing tasks, trainings, and personal/professional development. We support women from all socioeconomic classes having access to holistic spaces, services, and activities including, but not limited to: life skills, small business development, sustainable friendships/relationships, self-care, healthy lifestyles, and travel. Redwood Women's Foundation inspires women to discover our talents and passions in a safe and supportive setting—and together, take the steps needed to address the unmet needs of women in our communities. By utilizing new and existing resources, we gain important skills that nurture and develop the foundational structure and mission of Redwood Women's Foundation, and establish sustainable connections that help women succeed and thrive.

Redwood Women's Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is dedicated to empowering women. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Michelle Hood, BA SociologyCertificate in FundraisingHumboldt State University