Redwood Women's Foundation (RWF) is a rural laboratory for women's empowerment. Our mission is to increase the emotional and financial stability of women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Our vision is to cultivate a safe, productive, sustainable networking and resource platform for women, rooted in positive words, consistency, and actions. We are a nonprofit organization EIN 81-1102794 and are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We offer professional development, virtual workshops, legal clinics, backend resources, advocacy, referrals, transitional stay, and a community closet. Our workshops serve as a platform for bringing women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds together to support the emotional and financial stability of women in our community. We use a sociological model for empowering women, and currently have 50+ members and over a dozen sponsors. Since 2015, we have offered over 60 empowerment workshops, provided 200+ overnight stays to women in transition, and have connected with over 1000+ women.