Redwood Women’s Foundation  offers informal membership options as a practical way to bring women from various socioeconomic backgrounds together. RWF members attend monthly empowerment workshops and travel opportunities. Our online workshops help us develop new skills,  new friendships/business opportunities, and gain access to resources and referrals that help support the emotional and financial needs of women.  RWF Members support our mission, find our benefits package useful, and care about the emotional and financial stability of women. 

Membership: $30 per year

Members Participate in the following ways: 

Sharing empowering resourcesPresenting/attending empowerment workshops Promoting workshops, membership, volunteers, programs, & services via social media & word of mouth Fundraising & Financial contributions Volunteering at the office, workshops, community events, conferences, and seminarsParticipating in team building activities/travelRecruiting new donors, volunteers, and sponsors

Members Benefits Package Includes:

Quarterly Email: A Newsletter for Empowering the Feminine Soul Discounts on products/services from RWF and participating sponsorsNetworking Opportunities and access to member directoryAccess to the Redwood Women Membership PortalTravel opportunities Professional resources and certifications

Membership Questions? Please email:

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