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MarketingPersonal/Professional DevelopmentResource and Referral Services Social Research/Data Analysis(707) 834-3249

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Lisa began working glass in the hot shop of Shasta College 1998 in Northern California. By the end of summer in 1999, she got a full time job lamp working borosilicate glass for an area production studio. The following year Lisa started her own studio, Amorphous Glass only to rename the company Lisa's Pieces Glass in 2000. In 2006 she met Banjo and took private class with him further developing her glass sculpting abilities. This enabled Lisa to win the first Female Flame Off held in Chicago back in 2007. She took first place in both functional sculpture and wearable art with her Giraffe's. This sparked Lisa's desire to focus more on hollow animals. Her work can be found in over 40 states at a number of gift & smoke shops, museums and small galleries. Sculpting is Lisa's passion and art is a deeply rooted part of her family's heritage. Her father followed in his father's footsteps to become a renowned sculptor of western art. He opened The Heikka Foundry in Hollywood during the early 1970's. Her grand father, Earl Heikka was a country western sculptor from Great Falls, Montana. His work can be seen in the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, The Smithsonian and many other collections and galleries. Currently Lisa's work is focusing on sculpting hollow blown glass horses in various scenes. Experimenting with functional, mixed media and kinetic sculpting. Life and realism in motion within her glass are constantly driving her work. She seems to work best blowing glass alone and has a nice quiet studio in Humboldt County, California. After 19 years of glass work she has recently been teaching private studio classes. If interested in scheduling an appointment, please contact us by email @

Making Waves Management Services Flat Rate Sponsor

Management is our jam. Our office is located in Arcata, California among the Redwood Forests, Humboldt State University and home of the Humboldt Crabs. We are bookkeeping wizards, HR masters, and strategy experts. Partner and accounting manager Sara Walker, BA can help you with all of your bookkeeping, payroll, and HR tasks. Partner and sustainable strategy manager Molly Robles, MBA can help you analyze your positioning, formulate a plan, and implement the next steps. Our partnerships with other firms connect you with the best in brand management, accounting, and corporate finance in line & on time. We hear you. You need a solid plan and a reliable system. You need radical honesty. You need sustainability. We got you covered with bundled or a-la-carte business development and bookkeeping services to get your business flowing. Please call Sara @ 707-683-6208 to schedule an appointment.

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Gear up with the hottest new rave and party gear! From brilliantly designed colorful hoodies that will express your inner artistic side, to must-have festival tech and toys, we sell it all at competitive prices and offer Free Shipping! Create your own trend, cross the forbidden norm. Be who you really want to be, as expressive as you want to be and as bold as you dare.Feel a sense of youth again with brilliantly designed clothing and gear. Express yourself with a vibrant splash of color and unique designs. Come play outside with your friends at parties and festivals with glow in the dark, sparkly, and even light up clothing and cutting edge tech toys! Products- Hoodies, Drones, hats, shorts, glasses, lights, lasers, festival gear, dance-wear, glow sticks, gloves, hooded blankets, and many other must-have rave/festival items. Click on our logo to learn more.

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The Spiral is a universal symbol for growth, development and evolution. Spirals of life Wellness Institute is a place for education and enrichment. When you decide to work with Spirals of Life Wellness Institute, you will be getting so much more out of your learning experience. We are becoming a leading McKinleyville area Massage Therapy School. Since our opening in 2016, we have offered a variety of Continuing Education courses and continue to grow our service offerings. Please check out all of the amazing classes that we continue to offer by clicking on our logo.

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Infuzions is an online retail and wholesale platform that offers plant based INFUZIONS to help soothe your mind, body, and soul. All products are sourced from the finest plants, flowers, and fruit available and are intended to provide an alternative option for wellness and pain management. Click the to learn more and place an order.