Community Closet

Redwood Women's Foundation is a women's empowerment network made up of women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to Donate or Receive Clothing


We Accept Clothing Donations by appointment. Please fill out our online Community Closet application to DONATE OR RECEIVE


Redwood Women's Foundation
1213 Railroad Drive
Mckinleyville, CA 95519

Per our stated policy on the condition of donated items, Redwood Women's Foundation will only accept professional clothing that is clean, on hangers, and ready-to-wear for our clients.

Acceptable items off the hanger include: everyday wear, activewear, footwear, handbags/totes, accessories, and any new intimate apparel items.

We thank you for your cooperation, understanding and continued support of our mission and for making a difference in the lives of the women we serve.


New bras, panties, socks, shoes, activewear, and shapewear

Condition/Appearance of Donated Items

When preparing your clothing donations to Redwood Women's Foundation, please keep in mind that we are providing affordable clothing for women to wear on job interviews, to work, everyday and evening wear. We have limited financial, volunteer resources, and storage space. Therefore, we ask that all Professional clothing donations come to us on hangers and ready for our clients to wear out the door. Items donated must be in excellent condition. Donations received are directly merchandised into our client showroom; therefore RWF asks that the items donated be received in the following condition:

On hangers
Current style or timeless design
New, like new or gently used
In season
Clean and pressed
Ready to wear   
Suggested Items for Donation (Seasonal)        
Purses & Totes
Jewelry & Scarves
Bras & Panties*
Winter Coats
Winter Scarves & Gloves
Winter Boots

*Undergarments (bras & panties) must be in their original unopened packaging.

All clothing donations to Redwood Women's Foundation are tax deductible, as we have been determined by the IRS to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Redwood Women's Foundation is funded 100% through private and corporate donations and grants. We reserve the right to consign used items donated that are not business appropriate or excess in certain sizes. Funds received from consignment sales help keep our doors open and the lights on.

Thank you for your donation!

Meet Michelle Hood--a single mom, who graduated from Humboldt State University and started Redwood Women's Foundation. Michelle knows what it's like to feel anxious and unsure about the appropriateness of her existing professional wardrobe. She learned to mix and matched multiple items of clothing to broaden her spectrum. She sticks to solid colors and a handful of accessories.

Since Redwood Women's Foundation began, we have served over 300 women, offered 40+ events, and provided over 90 days of transitional housing. With your support and donations, motivated women like Michelle gain access to: beautiful, recycled, stylish work clothes, bags, accessories,and active-wear that is perfect for career and everyday social settings.

Our Community Closet offers quality new and recycled clothing that women feel comfortable and confident wearing. Purchasing and/or receiving used clothing online or at thrift stores is a sustainable practice and good for the environment. We've already received a ton of fabulous donations and look forward to serving the women in our community. Please fill out an application to donate or receive.