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Universally Speaking Speakers Bureau

If you own a businesses or belong to a group or organization that needs speakers for an important meeting, think about joining Universally Speaking, a Northern California Speakers Bureau facilitated by Another Realm: Business and Marketing Firm. Universally Speaking provides a platform for people to provide lively, interactive experiences to a variety of groups such chapters, associations, businesses, and universities, etc.

  • Motivational
  • Inspirational
  • Educational
  • Keynote

Email info@redwoodwomensfoundation.com to find out how easy it is to line up speakers.

Attention Member Presenters: If you’re interested in being contacted, drop Michelle a line.

Universally Speaking Q&A

Is there a charge for having our members speak?

There is a small fee and we appreciate the opportunity to promote our after the formal talk.

Why do people use Universally Speaking: Speakers Bureau?

Our team is well-spoken and highly entertaining! We have been providing workshops since 2010 and receive requests for specific presenters, but we also provide interesting programs with authors your organization doesn’t yet know. Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds, so there's always plenty of topics to touch on.

How does it work?

Most of the work is done virtually. We keep a roster of registered presenters who are interested in speaking, and can accommodate local or out of the area speakers.

We may suggest you consider two or more speakers because it’s usually more entertaining for the audience (and more appealing for the speakers) when the speakers play off one another. If you’ve never coordinated an event with speakers, we can provide how-to instructions as an additional service.

Request a Speaker

Please get to know us better by checking out our website @ www.redwoodwomen.org. To schedule a phone or virtual appointment or contact Adrienne Savage @ adrienne@redwoodwomensfoundation.com.

Become a Speaker

Apply to join our roster of speakers

We are empowered by speakers and personalities looking to connect. Our greatest interest is in your credibility as a representative of your field and in your ability to inspire, inform and entertain an audience. We want speakers who will engage their audiences, create an interactive experience, leaving them valuable tools and organized content. Here’s what we can guarantee you if you send us your information in the format requested:

All speaker information submitted to our office will be processed through Universally Speaking: Speakers Bureau database of speakers – and will always be accessible to our account executives looking to match the perfect speaker for a client’s next conference or event.

When compatible speaking engagements present themselves, we will suggest you to prospective clients, will contact you for more information, and will forward any necessary materials on your behalf.

While inclusion in our database does not guarantee engagements, a web profile or ongoing representation does broaden your exposure at our bureau. Should our relationship continue to grow we will contact you directly to discuss a more in-depth partnership.

If you have one, we will visit your website periodically, for updated information on your speech topics and new information.

Our specialty is in providing quality, committed representation to a select number of professional and expert speakers and are currently providing speaker opportunities in Northern California and Northern Oregon.

We receive multiple proposals from potential speakers every year. Due to this volume of information, we have implemented four steps as outlined above to ensure attention is paid to every submission. We will respond directly to each proposal for representation and will follow up via phone calls or emails. Please send us a promotional materials virtually and by mail.